Tony Ogle Prints

Tony Ogle is one of New Zealand's most popular contemporary printmakers. In his original prints Ogle shares his love of natural New Zealand - his view coloured by a childhood spent near the sea at Castor Bay on Auckland's North Shore where his enthusiasm for surfing and sailing developed. We are delighted to show Tony's new "Surf series" prints for the first time. There are more prints in this series plus all Tony's other prints here.

Liam Barr releases giclee prints

Liam Barr has already had three solo exhibitions at prestigious New Zealand commercial galleries and his paintings have also appeared in public exhibitions - "Tears For Tane's Children" at the Whangarei Art Museum and 'Mind Games, An Exhibition of Surrealism in Aotearoa' at Hastings City Art Gallery. Barr has produced very small run limited edition giclee prints of the original paintings which are now available through New Zealand Fine Prints.

What is a giclee print?

A lot of art print publishers and distributors (and many of our artists and customers) use the term giclee to describe all [non original] prints not printed off-set (ie for all prints printed on demand using sophisticated digital printers). We are interested in our readers views on the following questions:
  1. Are all digitally produced prints giclee prints?
  2. If not, what is the difference between an "ordinary" inkjet print and a giclee print?
  3. How should artists describe prints that are not printed using off-set photo-lithography so the purchaser knows exactly what they are getting?
Please post a comment below.

What is an original print?

I have been having an interesting discussion with Tony Ogle and Brad Novak about how we can best explain the differences between original prints like screenprints and reproduction prints. They have come up with some suggested additions to our FAQ.

What is an original print?
Original prints encompass different media such as screen prints, lithographs, etchings, woodcuts, linocuts and monoprints. Within an edition, each print is individually pulled from a screen, plate, or block. Generally created as limited editions of archival quality, and because of the skill and effort required to produce them, original prints potentially have a high investment value.

What is the difference between a giclee print and an original print?
Giclee prints are created using the Giclee printing process which uses a very sophisticated digital printer to deliver a fine stream of ink onto archival paper. Original prints differ, encompassing several media such as screen prints, lithographs and etchings (amongst others). Each print is individually pulled from a screen, plate, or block to create limited editions of archival quality.

How is an original print produced?
Original prints are produced in many different ways, generally as limited editions. The main techniques include screen printing and lithography. Each print is individually pulled from a screen, plate, or block. Their creation involves the mastery of a printing press with the artist often solely or heavily involved in the process.

Brad Novak Prints

Stunning new screenprints by Brad Novak arrived this morning. Brad Novak (1976- ) is an emerging New Zealand painter and printmaker born in Auckland with Croatian heritage and he explores the relationship between colour, shape, and contrast through a fresh and distinctive style. He is following in the footsteps of several senior NZ artists like Tony Ogle and Dick Frizzell by creating archival quality limited edition fine art screen prints through collaboration with the Auckland-based printer Artrite. Brad is also a practising medical doctor, specialising in Public Health, and much of his artwork is inspired by the strong ethical basis underpinning this. Brad writes "I am extremely passionate about the prevention of illness, the importance of The Treaty for the reduction of health inequalities in Aotearoa, and the need for our heath system and wider society to focus more strongly on the upstream determinants of health."