Latest Tony Ogle Prints

Tony Ogle has released a new print, a large work of art called "Indicators - Raglan".  This is one of Ogle's surfing series of prints - the surf break at Raglan is world famous and is the first point of three, hence for surfers down the line looking up at the first point they can see the 'Indication" of larger waves coming which gave this print its name - 'Indicators". 

We asked Tony if his latest print (pictured above) was a conscious departure from his previous art.  He told us that "yes it is somewhat of a departure in style although I have been painting in a similar way using a very textured surface (hessian/jute) and painting highlights out of a black background to complete the work. So this print borrows from that technique - the subject was worked up larger in white on black painted jute to emphasize the texture and gritty feel which pertains to the wild beauty of the West Coast."  We then asked Ogle about the brooding, darker style of "Indicators - Raglan" and how he acheived this effect. Tony told us "When the black on white image was completed I had filmwork done and then proceeded to underlay the colour resulting in the finished print work. I have consciously  tried to capture the moody brooding aspect of the West Coast."

As an aside - Tony has also reviewed the prices for buyers of his prints back in early October.  Because of this we are going to be updating all the prices for Tony Ogle's prints, at the moment all of Tony's artworks are still for sale at the old price.

Xmas Gift trends at NZ Fine Prints

Gift Voucher from NZ Fine Prints
Pre-Xmas gift buying is about to start (from the beginning of November) and NZ Fine Prints enters the busiest time of our year. This continues right up until Xmas day now with the last email gift vouchers (see illustration of one of our popular gift vouchers for New Zealand art at left) being purchased on Christmas day itself!  We even get customers buying Christmas gift vouchers after Xmas here in New Zealand (but delivered on time for Xmas via email due to the time difference between NZ and the rest of the world).  It is an exciting time and after 40 years of Xmas's we know how to ensure that all NZ gifts are delivered in perfect condition with on time delivery throughout NZ and overseas.  Art prints ordered as gifts from NZ Fine Prints are always gift-wrapped free of charge and we also enclose your personal or corporate note as well.  In addition to gift orders placed at our phone rings every few minutes for two whole months with Xmas gift orders (unlike most other online NZ stores we welcome enquiries and orders by phone - call us free on 0800 800 ART).

(As a complete aside the contraction of Christmas to "Xmas" as an informal term for Christmas has the following origin - X represents the intial chi of Greek Khristos "Christ" - a tiny Christmas factoid to toss into conversation around the Christmas lunch table).

NZ Gift buying trends for Xmas 2010
Kiwiana Art by Jason Kelly
Kiwiana gifts are going to be very popular New Zealand gifts this Xmas.  Kiwiana art has gone mainstream and absorbed into what used to be distinct "fine art", no longer exclusively kitsch icons of daily life but an artistic celebration of what it means to be a New Zealander.  The perfect inexpensive gift for NZers living overseas is the kiwiana art of Jason Kelly (see JK's print "Tiki Tour" at left) or Matt Guild. Charming, whimsical and decorative work from two painters proud to call themselves "Kiwiana Artists".

Vintage NZ poster art is another big NZ gift trend this Xmas.  Based on classic images from early 20th century NZ designers working for the Government Tourism and Publicity Department or NZ Railways Publicity Department vintage posters work together so well on the wall.  A collection of different images offer differing designs and subjects (such as fly fishing or ski-ing) but provide a consistent vintage New Zealand design theme throughout your home or office.  Retro: We are also seeing the start of a new trend for retro art as well - this nostalgia for the more recent past (1970s and 80s art) will be a big theme for 2011.

We are always delighted to discuss your Xmas gift requirements - whether you need a corporate gift for 200 clients or the perfect antique NZ map for your brother-in-law please call us on 0800 800 ART or contact NZ's art print specialists online at

Auckland Printmaker Brad Novak Edition Sellout

Brad Novak with his print Tiki with Danaus Plexippus Wings 1.1
Auckland printmaker Brad Novak's print Tiki with Danaus Plexippus Wings 1.1 was the first edition by this talented NZ printmaker - and now it is the first print edition by Novak to sell out. Just two prints from the edition are available nationwide this morning, one of which is in stock at New Zealand Fine Prints

Brad's first art print, this image of a Tiki with Monarch Butterfly wings was completed at Artrite Studios in 2008 (see picture of Brad celebrating the completion of the print at right). The artist says "screenprinting is a great process - took me a while to get my head around it but Tony Ogle and Michael Smither were kind enough to have me learn from them for a few days and that helped a lot!" At the time of the prints release Brad told us that "This image [Tiki with Danaus Plexippus Wings 1.1] has been one I have envisioned in my mind’s eye for a while and I am very pleased with the final results. Inspiration came from my own education as an adult about the history of Aotearoa/New Zealand before and after European settlement. I chose to name the Monarch Butterfly, introduced to NZ in the late 19th century, by its scientific name (Danaus Plexippus). This is a nod to my own background (and ongoing work in medicine/science) and a tribute to the often overlooked or misrepresented facts regarding Maori history (and indeed the history of all NZ). This butterfly and Tiki motif represents the growth in my own personal knowledge about Maori culture (and the opening of my own eyes to the many truths that history portrays) and the determination of Maori to continue sustaining and cultivating their culture and language in Aotearoa/NZ in the face of colonisation. And finally – I really thought it would make a cool image!”

In May Novak completed his latest print "Reservoir Dogs of NZ" - an idea that came to him while on holiday in the UK. Brad says he is really happy with the final artwork for Reservoir Dogs of NZ - he "tried lots of different birds before settling on the combination I did" - deciding on the Tui, Kiwi, Whio, Huia, Shag and Albatross in a print that also references the Waiting for Buller series of paintings by Christchurch painter Bill Hammond.

Jason Kelly & Image Vault release Christchurch Earthquake Canvas Print

Jason Kelly: Credit Kirk Hargreaves/ The Press
Jason Kelly and art print publisher Image Vault have combined to commemorate the recent Christchurch earthquake with a new print on canvas called SevenPointOne.  In the announcement of this special new print today the artist writes "The date of September 4th 2010 will long remain in the collective memory of Cantabrians. In spite of all the fear, trauma and destruction the earthquake caused, Christchurch as a city pulled together, and comforted and supported those most severely affected. For most of us, as the quakes diminish, we survey the cracks and and start to move on with our lives. However, many residents are still badly affected, requiring both psychological and financial support as they try to pick up the pieces torn so suddenly and violently asunder."

In response to the devastation Jason Kelly - who is one of Image Vault’s best-selling artists - has generously donated a painting which will be auctioned with all the proceeds going to the Christchurch's Mayoral Relief Fund (see picture of Jason Kelly and his earthquake painting "SevenPointOne" above). According to Image Vault's press release today "With his ever quirky take Jason has created an artwork which commemorates September 4th and salutes the spirit of our community." For the painting's "canvas" Kelly recycled a piece of New Zealand beech that was part of a door damaged in a central city building during the September quake.

Image Vault is simultaneously releasing prints of the painting on canvas in three sizes with 20% of all proceeds going to the Mayoral Earthquake relief fund.  Kelly has asked that his entire royalty be donated, and Image Vault is matching his contribution.

The painting's poem reads

Christchurch's Way:
There came a day
The earth did say
I've had enough
of this fault's fray
So up it lift
A Christchurch rift
A Seven Point One
Of rattle and tip
Still here we are
Too strong to split.