Framed Prints emerge from our stockroom

NZ vintage poster. Wooden frame (black) $NZ 209.95
Listed today were lots of new framed prints, a couple of one off picture framing examples and some clearance sale items.  It's still just $20 delivery for any number of framed prints shipped to one address.  Although we offer picture framing for all prints in stock with a turnaround of just over a week plus shipping time we are adding to the selection of framed prints and stretched canvas prints that we have on hand ready for immediate shipping (or pickup from our Christchurch gallery) as we come up to the Xmas gift buying season.  

In the 1970s NZ Fine Prints owned a picture moulding factory here in Christchurch (it was the time when "vertical integration" was a popular business strategy - I'm surprised the previous generation didn't invest in a tree plantation to grow the frames). This changed during the 1980s when our focus on to the mail order rather than the retail gallery side of the business meant we gradually dropped the framing operations, the slack taken up by the excellent network of custom picture framers that we continue to deliver to throughout NZ.  

Piha, Auckland. Framed Print in Black Wooden Frame with Glass
"Piha 1969"  Framed reto print $NZ 129.00
However we realised several years ago that offering basic framing saves our customers the time and hassle of getting a print framed once it is purchased but this writer was surprised to discover that NZ Fine Prints have been testing a picture framing service for over three years but it is only now that we are about to roll out a complete "ready to hang" state to browse (apart from showing only prints that have a framing option this will also change all canvas prints to the stretched canvas versions that are ready to go on the wall, not delivered rolled in a mailing tube).  It hasn't just been the Christchurch earthquakes, we had to spend a lot of time researching what kinds of frames print buyers actually wanted, and then source frames and picture framers whose work would last for decades (because our company's label will be on the back). A couple of examples from today's arrivals include the first of the retro views of NZ available framed (Piha, 1969 by Contour Creative Studio) and one of the vintage travel posters in a standard black wooden frame, the fly-fishing poster "New Zealand: For the World's Best Sport" designed by Maurice Poulton.

Vintage Advertising Posters - Latest re-prints from NZ Fine Prints

New Zealand Pears Vintage Fruit Label Poster
Vintage NZ Fruit Label Poster "Packham's Triumph"
With the outstanding sales success of NZ Fine Prints' series of vintage travel and tourism posters released over the past few years (see previous articles NZ Vintage Poster Collection Launched and New Series of Vintage Posters) we have been busy sourcing and re-printing our latest collection of vintage posters,  this time finding classic and/or famous advertisements designed between 50 and 100 years ago.  Illustrating this article are a couple of the highlights, a NZ fruit label for "New Zealand Pears: Packham's Triumph" and the superb French vintage Martini poster below.

Vintage Martini Poster
Although we are still adding to the NZ vintage tourism and travel poster series the particular focus of our latest collection is on posters advertising iconic kiwiana brands and classic food and alcohol advertisements from famous Italian designers such as Marcello Dudovich or French poster designers, for example Henri Toulouse-Lautrec and Alphonse Mucha

As well as being listed in our vintage poster gallery many of these new vintage designs are destined for our relatively new food & drink category - a culinary themed collection of art prints and posters to decorate kitchens, dining areas (as well as restaurants and cafes).  

Vintage advertising is a engaging way of decorating your home or office with a collection of unified yet eclectic artwork. Both NZ and imported posters can be hung side by side because they are united in theme (and perhaps period) but can be of disparate subjects that resonate with the owners or inhabitants of the space.

Xmas Gift Mailing Delivery Dates for NZ Prints

Making sure we deliver art prints purchased as gifts in time for Xmas is one of our most important jobs over the next couple of months at NZ Fine Prints.

With Christmas falling on a Tuesday in 2012 our close off mailing dates and courier deadlines for NZ deliveries are earlier than usual.  However unless you leave your gift buying until the very last few days  you probably won't notice.  And if you are leaving buying presents until the last minute why not just buy an email gift voucher that is delivered instantly anywhere in the world because although we can deliver the very next day almost until Xmas Eve but it does get kind of expensive freight wise if the gift you are buying is less than $NZ50.

Xmas Delivery Dates for Art Prints, Fine Art Posters and Canvas Prints (not framed)

Delivery overseas at our standard rate of $NZ15 (for any number of prints)

Australia & South Pacific
Please order by 10 December 2012

UK & Europe, East Asia and North America
Please order Xmas gifts by 3 December 2012

Rest of World
Place orders by 30 November 2012

Xmas Delivery to NZ Addresses
Standard Delivery for $NZ6

We need to have your orders for Xmas placed by 3pm Wednesday 19 December

Economy Courier Delivery $NZ15 please order by 3pm Thursday 20 December

Next day courier delivery via CourierPost guaranteed delivery for Xmas day is Friday 21 December at 3pm.

Framed Prints - please order 10 working days before these mailing dates to ensure we can deliver by Christmas.

Now the next step is to begin choosing the perfect NZ print for your friends and family this Xmas, the place to start is the gifts page at NZ Prints.

As we get closer to Xmas we will update any delays or known issues with Xmas delivery on our shipping & delivery page.