Sofia Minson "Blessing the Pharaoh" Print Launch

Artist Sofia Minson
A new print from Auckland artist Sofia Minson was launched today.  It is called "Blessing the Pharaoh" - and from 4pm this afternoon it is available to buy from New Zealand Fine Prints.  To accompany its launch we have been given a superb set of resources about the new artwork, there is a very interesting story of the paintings origins, symbolism and meanings on the listing in our catalogue as well as the video about the making of "Blessing the Pharaoh", a link to which is posted below.

Sofia says "I am drawn to the ever-unfolding wisdom and links between Maori and Egyptian myths, which demonstrate principles of nature in the form of gods and goddesses. Here we weave a new cross-cultural story, yet it is an eternally old one about the transformation of consciousness.”

New Limited Edition Print "Blessing the Pharaoh"
A brief summary of the new work:

● Blessing the Pharaoh is based on the statue in the Cairo Museum of Horus and Seth
blessing the Pharaoh Ramesses III.
● The central figure of the painting embodies atua wahine - divine feminine lunar energy
and is seen as Hine-nui-te-pō, the goddess at the threshold of life and death in Maori
● The image reflects on our human archetypal story of inner sight unifying left and right
brain ways of thinking. The alchemical image ushers in a new state of being where left
brain logic does not rule over right brain holistic thinking, but a higher union of the two is

And as Sofia says, “Before the painter makes their first mark, the blank canvas stares back at them in challenge.”