NZ Art Print News: 2010 Year in Review

In one of our last articles for 2010 we look back at the big events of 2010 as covered in NZ Art Print News.

For NZ Fine Prints staff the biggest story of 2010 was the Christchurch Earthquake - all the articles covering this event and its affect on New Zealand's largest art print and poster store are covered here.

We can now look back and review the most important stories as judged by our readers and answer our annual question "What have been the most popular articles in NZ Art Print news in 2010?"

The top three articles by number of readers were our two longer essays on kiwiana in NZ art and New Zealand vintage posters written by NZ Prints' catalogue manager followed by our article on the use of the iconic "Four Square Man" in the artwork of Dick Frizzell posted when Frizzell released his Great NZ Songbook prints. 

By far and away our most discussed post (rated by the number of comments) in 2010 was the piece we wrote to launch the controversial Weston Frizzell Auckland Supercity poster and despite a less vigorous discussion our exclusive story of the eBay Colin McCahon painting has ended the year with a cliff-hanger after someone signing themselves as the original art dealer has just posted a claim that the artwork bought for just $US4500  might not be a genuine McCahon "Bellini" series painting after all!

Our most read and commented article of all time is still the piece we wrote way back in May 2009 on the debate surrounding the reproduction of Maori portrait paintings by NZ artists like C.F. Goldie. This continues to attract opinions both for and against over 18 months after the original piece was written!

We are now in the midst of our very busiest time of the year (all those gifts being bought for Xmas) - it will then be a short break until we are back to begin the release of many new and exciting prints from New Zealand's favourite artists in 2011.  Merry Xmas from all of us at NZ Fine Prints.