Robin White Reproduction Prints - Publisher Update

The publisher of three very high quality reproduction prints of artworks from New Zealand painter/printmaker Robin White has ceased production of prints in this format.

The three images affected are Mangaweka, White Oyster Catcher & Harbour Cone and Morris Commercial, Hokianga.

Because of the size and complexity of printing these images to such a high standard they were essentially being printed one at a time for New Zealand Fine Prints, so we have been left with just one print of each artwork on hand now the publisher has deleted this format.

White Oystercatcher and Harbour Cone


Morris Commercial, Hokianga

This series was such a good idea, despite the high price tag for an open edition reproduction print they really showcased best practice for a digitally produced modern New Zealand fine art print. The care taken to recapture the original artworks at the highest possible resolution through to a diligent choice of the most appropriate paper to print them on to give the buyer decades of enjoyment. 

We understand that the plan is to re-issue the same images in a smaller size, formatted to fit a standard A2 paper size rather than matching the scale of the original artworks.  The benefit of this is the price will be more accessible and framing more straightforward if an off the shelf picture frame is used. However there was something gloriously luxurious about prints of works by such a significant NZ painter being done close to the original size and without any budgetary constraints on achieving the highest quality possible.  But the last prints for sale were just listed in our Endangered Prints collection this morning...