Tony Ogle Prints

Tony Ogle is one of New Zealand's most popular contemporary printmakers. In his original prints Ogle shares his love of natural New Zealand - his view coloured by a childhood spent near the sea at Castor Bay on Auckland's North Shore where his enthusiasm for surfing and sailing developed. We are delighted to show Tony's new "Surf series" prints for the first time. There are more prints in this series plus all Tony's other prints here.


  1. Richard Almond8 April 2009 at 13:08

    I am looking at the Whangamata bar print by Tony Ogle - great picture but when i used to surf there 25 years ago it was a lefthander is your picture on the web about face?

  2. Surfers know their waves! The other image was from another print and I'd got the this confused with the picture for Morning Glory Whangamata Bar. Apologies for this and thanks for letting me know.