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Abstract art oil painting with orange, blue, yellow, red and grey

There are so many options when it comes to home decorating that it can be hard to know where to start. So, why not begin with abstract art prints— representations of a visual language that isn’t bound to any hard rules or restrictions? To some, this boundlessness can be intimidating, but in truth, decorating with abstract art is freeing and can be great fun! Ready to dive into the world of abstract art décor? Discover the four major strengths of abstract art and what they can do for your home below!


1. Abstract art can blend in, or stand out

Abstract pieces are truly flexible. These don’t have a defined style that’s common to all of them, so it’s more than possible to find something that blends perfectly into your existing colour story and style of décor. With a little work and a little more perusing, you’ll be able to find a piece that looks like it was tailor-made for the space it’s in, giving off a polished and well-considered look. On the other hand, if you’re looking to make a statement with a piece of abstract art, that’s more than easy to achieve. The same flexibility that helps you match pieces to a room’s existing aesthetic also swings the other way. It’s not difficult to find abstract art that will pop against everything in its space, becoming a cornerstone piece that challenges yet complements the room’s other decorative elements. Lastly, there’s such a wide range of stylistic sensibilities in modern abstract art that this flexibility makes them easy to place in any part of the house. Some rooms may benefit from art composed of smooth lines and soft tones, while others might benefit more from prints that use hard angles and bold colours. You don’t have to look far to find examples of both!


2. Abstract art is timeless

It’s largely thought that abstract art began as a movement in the late 19th century, with pioneers like Wassily Kandinsky and Gustav Klimt, but the history of art is a story of constant influence. All pioneers were inspired by those before them, and so there are elements of abstract art throughout ancient history as well. This timelessness of free expression is why so much abstract art still looks modern to us, even if it dates back to the 20th or 19th centuries, or even earlier! By definition, abstract art defies convention so soundly that you can be sure it will never go out of style!


3. Abstract pieces work well alone or in groups

Abstract art pieces are often hung alone, but for the more fearless decorators, these can be used to create engaging gallery walls. Alternatively, several small pieces along the wall of a corridor can help fill a long stretch of blank wall without cluttering it, acting as cohesive links between the décor of one room and another. Selecting abstract pieces by themselves is great fun, because there really are no rules—it’s best to trust your emotional response to a piece of art. That said, putting two pieces side-by-side can change how they look, owing to the change in context. You might find that a piece you dislike looks great when hung next to another, and it can be hard to put your finger on why. Again, with abstract art, there are no rules!


4. Abstract work can fill any wall size

Abstract prints don’t necessarily need to fit the size of the wall they’re placed on. In fact, you might even decide to not hang the work at all! It’s become a recent trend to take oversized pieces and lean them against the wall instead; this can be a really engaging way to fill space. Alternatively, smaller prints on big walls don’t look nearly as out of place if they’re abstract. Just like we pointed out before, the context can influence abstract art powerfully, and this includes the negative space of the wall too. If you’re working with less space, smaller corner pieces can add movement and life to the room. While a room’s corners are often overlooked or covered up with furniture, they can be enhanced with bold abstract pieces that are eye-catching and easily comprehensible from a distance.


Looking to add modern art prints to your own home?

The collections here at NZ Fine Prints cover a broad range of traditions and influences, including the abstract. Whether you’re looking for classic pieces, or contemporary modern art prints, we can help you find the piece you need to complete your home. Shop your next interior decoration piece today!

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