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Buying Art for Your First Home? Here’s How to Start!

A nice, light home featuring a selection of framed art on the walls.
Moving into your first home is full of excitement, as you get to go about picking all your new furniture, decor and art! For many, having art in the home is a must, as it can make a space a thousand times more homely and welcoming. But how do you go about choosing those first pieces of beautiful framed wall art? You may not have the biggest budget, or an initial idea of how to fit art collecting in with everything else that goes into moving! That’s why we share some tips in this blog—read on to find out more.


Determine a few key elements

The first thing that’s good to do when buying art for your first home is to have a few design elements in mind that can be used as a starting point. There are lots of things you can learn about your own art taste (even if you thought you didn’t have any!) throughout the process of moving into your home—and you can use that when buying art! For example, look at the furniture you’ve already bought, are there any similar features between each piece? Do they all look somewhat bohemian, or are they bold and geometric? Did you lean towards a colour scheme? Even though you don’t want to feel bound to a style or colour palette when choosing art, knowing these elements that are already in your home can help you determine if you are a statement person, or whether you need an element of calm in your home. It can also help establish what’s missing, and what may be necessary to bring balance to your space in any capacity.


Do some research into artists

Art is always much easier to look at and understand when you know a bit of background about the artist, and on the flip side, you’ll find art more enjoyable if it’s by an artist you’ve researched and know a bit about. Do a google search of local artists from your area, or even just New Zealand Artists in general, and you may find a few artists that resonate with you, and whose art you connect with more as a result.


Buy art that makes you feel something

Art doesn’t always have to make you happy, doesn’t always have to fit in with the room d├ęcor, and doesn’t have to be exactly what you were searching for! These are all important things to remember, to help you browse art with a clear head, and focus more on the way you react to each piece—whether positive or negative. You might find a piece of art that feels challenging gives you a stronger feeling than one that simply ticks all the boxes. You may find that you keep coming back to a piece of art, or thinking about it long after you’ve gone home. If this is the case and you can identify that connection, chances are you are going to have a much more interesting time looking at that piece of art every day. Choose the piece of art that really makes you think.


Start with Art Prints and Photographs

If it's your first home, chances are you’re going to have a lot of time to build your collection of expensive art. For the time being, you’re just going to want to have a home that’s full of exciting elements and accessories. A house with art always feels more like a home, but you don’t have to rush into buying original pieces of art right from the get-go, and it may not fit well with your budget either. A great solution is to buy a good selection of quality photography or art prints. You can buy art prints from almost any New Zealand or international artist, and if you investigate photography, you’ll find a whole other world of art altogether. There’s no way this option is going to limit your selection in the slightest. Instead, art prints give you the freedom to choose your art at a more affordable level. The unique paper and framing methods used in a good quality art print also mean you don’t need to compromise on quality. You can even decide on Limited-Edition Art Prints for your own unique piece.


Quality Art from New Zealand Fine Prints

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