New Zealand Xmas Gifts

We can't believe that our warehouse staff are already seeing the first orders coming through in mid-October for prints being sent as Xmas gifts.  Admittedly these are for non-New Zealand delivery but Xmas does seem to have arrived early this year.  I am personally amazed at how organised some people are to be arranging their xmas presents so far in advance.  Many years ago we use to offer delivery by "surface" rather than "airmail" outside of New Zealand so maybe some people don't realise that we always "ship" (what an Americanism!) their prints by air in around 10 days!

We are working on special collections of prints for customers to browse when they are looking for presents - however this can quickly descend into cliche... Eg maps for guys, Pop Art for under 30s and a nice bird print for Grandma so we are not advancing very far without getting into arguments about stereotyping.  We'll have to get this finished before Christmas actually arrives!

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