Dick Frizzell homage to Colin McCahon in new print

Dick Frizzell makes his latest print
In Colin Compared, Dick Frizzell comes up with a modern twist on Colin McCahon's Virgin Compared painting to pay tribute to this famous NZ artist and to say thank you to Peter Simpson for his wonderful McCahon book released in March 2020 (Colin McCahon 1 : There is Only One Direction, Vol. I 1919-1959).  In the period between 1946 and 1948, McCahon turned from depicting landscapes to Christian imagery. By synthesising disparate elements - portraiture, still life and symbolism (for instance the lamp and jug) with words McCahon emphasised that his works had a message.
Dick Frizzell's homage to Colin McCahon "Colin Compared"
Dick Frizzell's print "Colin Compared"

Dick told me in an email:

"I did a little gouache portrait of Colin for Peter Simpson to thank him for his brilliant McCahon book. i was inspired by the Theo Schoon photo of Colin on the verandah next to his fabulous painting of the Virgin Mary compared to a jug of pure water etc (one of my favourites).

Then i thought… I reckon that that’d make a great print!"

It’s meant to reflect that painting…of the virgin etc hence the close, dark colour scheme sp in the skin tones! Old school!!

May not be everybody’s cup of tea… but getting some good feedback up here!"

I have always liked the way that the Hocken library published prints of the McCahon painting popped up in the background of photographs of NZ writers and artists at home during the 1970s and 80s. A leitmotif of the era when a more confident NZ identity was emerging.

Here is video I found of Dick talking about the impact of McCahon's work a few years back, in it he calls McCahon's paintings "Hypnotic" and the artist gave him, "Something to think about forever".

You can now buy the "Colin Compared" limited edition print by Dick Frizzell delivered direct from New Zealand Fine Prints.  It will be lovely to see these prints in the background of another generation of New Zealander's dust jacket photographs!

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