2000 New Zealand art prints milestone reached

NZ Retro Poster - The Coral Route
Sometime in the last few weeks NZ Fine Prints passed our target of having over 2000 different prints by NZ artists, painters and print-makers in stock by Xmas 2010.  Being somewhat distracted by the September 4 Christchurch earthquake this milestone actually passed unnoticed until a visitor to our office asked our gallery manager exactly how many different NZ art prints we had! 

Unfortunately we now can't establish exactly which print was the actual 2000th print because every day we are also subtracting prints and posters from our stock as editions sell out which makes this hard to calculate. 

However our best guess is that it was probably one of the cool new Contour Creative Studio retro posters (see their poster celebrating the fabled flying boat "Coral Route" from New Zealand to the Pacific at left) - the collaborative studio of artists Rosie Louise and Terry Moyle whose unique creations combine an art deco poster design ethos with NZ history in a unique retro style.

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