Very special limited edition print from Otis Frizzell

After a much longer than expected journey from Wellington thanks to CourierPost I have finally been able to catalogue this morning a much anticipated print from one of our favourite contemporary artists, Otis Frizzell. This large and colourful print is both an exciting visual treat and an opportunity to raise money for our disaster relief in Samoa following the devastating Tsunami early this year.

In October 2009 Otis Frizzell (pictured left) was commissioned to complete an artwork to capture the generosity and response of donors to the New Zealand Red Cross Samoa Tsunami Relief Fund with the encouragement of New Zealand’s online giving website

The large mural, entitled "God Bless Samoa", was created by Otis in the foyer of Wellington's Te Papa over four days with members of the public watching the progress unfold. The resulting 8m by 2m artwork will be gifted to the people of Samoa once a suitable home is found. To keep a slice of this unique work in New Zealand a very small run of limited edition prints are now available with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the New Zealand Red Cross Samoa Tsunami Relief Fund. New Zealand Fine Prints are also donating all credit card transaction fees to ensure that the Red Cross Samoa Tsunami Relief Fund gets the full amount from each sale.

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