Who is Arty Wright?

Arty Wright is the pseudonym for the artist who is probably New Zealand's most experienced printmaker. With over 50 years experience in the art of screenprinting Arty has collaborated with New Zealand's leading artists including Gordon Walters, Pat Hanly, Michael Smither, Dick Frizzell and Stanley Palmer. Here at New Zealand Fine Prints we are really excited that after all these years Arty has finally decided to put his thoughts and vast experience into producing a unique series of screenprints - the Trademark Series.

Wright tells us "the Trademark series brings to the public at large a glimpse of New Zealand nearly forgotten. The images on this series of prints date back to an era when the designs used on our manufactured goods were drawn by artists with pencil, pen, brush and ink. The artists largely remained anonymous, working either as employees of advertising companies or within the manufacturing company itself." In the spirit of the earlier anonymous artists Arty Wright has chosen to keep his identity secret as he salutes their bygone skills by producing this very special series of limited edition screenprints which are released today. Shown here are two of Arty Wright's new art prints, Salesman Tiki and All Backs.

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