Pindrop Foundation Prints

The Art of Hearing is a fundraising opportunity for the Pindrop Foundation, the non-profit, public face of the Northern Cochlear Implant Trust that governs the implant programme. Their focus is to raise public awareness about the technology available and to provide people access to implants as a matter of right, ensuring that those in need receive one in a timely manner. New Zealand Fine Prints are pleased to assist the Art of Hearing initiative through the sale of prints produced for the Pindrop Foundation from leading New Zealand artists.

These original prints are from some of the biggest names in contemporary New Zealand art - Dick Frizzell, Shane Cotton, John Pule, Jacqueline Fahey, Judy Millar, Robert Ellis, Denys Watkins and emerging artists like Kate Small and Sarah Hughes.

Pictured are "The Clang is the Proof of the Bell" by Dick Frizzell and "Broken Water" by Shane Cotton.

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