Canvas Prints vs Canvas Transfer

Prints on canvas by New Zealand artists have finally started being published. The prints we have in stock in our new canvas prints gallery are different from earlier "canvas transfer" prints because they are printed directly onto a high grade artist's canvas using pigment inks.

With canvas transfer the print was bonded onto a canvas like backing using a process rather like laminating. This canvas is usually stretched onto a frame in a way that looks like the picture wraps around the edges. We have always offered eg Grahame Sydney, Diana Adams and Barry Ross Smith prints as canvas transfers ready to hang on the wall out of the box. But we are now looking forward to more true canvas art prints being published as the technology improves and customers start to appreciate the step up in quality that comes with printing directly onto canvas.

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  1. We are now able to offer prints printed directly onto genuine artists so are no longer offering "canvas transfer". Please call us on 0800 800 278 to learn more.